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Mighty Gripper V3 Traction Compound - Blue

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The latest version of Mighty Gripper V3 .... the blue version. The strongest traction available in the V3 series .. designed for our lower bite tracks

Known in tight racing circles as the go to tire sauce in International top level competitions on asphalt tracks for both rubber and foam tire racing.

Incredible early race performance eliminates the need for tire warmers.

Includes application brush with sealed easy grip cap.

Made in Japan.

 apply Mighty Gripper for 10 minutes and then again wipe the tires dry before running.

Application information direct from the Japan factory;
Blue is our strongest traction tire compound ever. Our development purpose was “ a strongest “.

 And we actually made it. But we are suggesting to racers that blue is good to use grip level adjustment compound.

 Details, Apply blue rear tires first.  Make sure car became strong understeering. This is a evidence of the blue strong grip.

 If car became very slippery, its mean our compound has no chemistry with that ground surface. (very rare case)

The next step is important-

 Apply blue for front tires but start only 10% of tire tread from car inner-side. Then until car became front and rear good balance add space. But in our long time experience it never be more then 50% for front there. ( If more then, car almost sure oversteering)

 If you find front and rear good balance next you may apply yellow front and rear on blue. Blue must be dried already then apply yellow front and rear 100% surface of tires tread.

 Its hard to keep strong grip condition by only blue. Because it must be dusty the race track when racer need strong grip by traction compound. The dust will take away tire grip even blue is strongest. Thats why covered by yellow.  Its a very rare case, car can be good for 5 minutes by only our blue itself. (the blue is not developed to use only blue it-self. Its a adjuster).

 Yellow is our most competitive compound for the big race. During big race, race track will have so much stronger traction it-self. Because there are many cars running.

At that time what is important for tire traction compound is “ car following”.  Need tire grip of course but track already have it too much just like TITC or Tamiya Asia cup.

Our yellow have special ingredient to make it car following. There are no difficult tip to use this. As you know this is official tire traction compound of TITC and in tamiya Asia cup basic.

 Just apply 1-10 minutes. Then mostly factory drivers (Yokomo, Tamiya, Xray, etc) like to run without wipe tires. (even me myself).

 Then you may have additional fastness for only first around 2 lap.

 New V3 Red is almost in-between Blue and yellow just like our old product V2 Red. But it not mixing compound of yellow and blue, indeed. It's a new compound.

 V3 Red is the most convenient tire traction compound. Racers can use this without caring so much from low grip to high grip track just one kind of V3 RED. Same with our famous old V2 RED, racers need to think about how to create less grip little, during super high bite condition for the track. But racers who likes V2 Red said, “ Its easier to handle traction compound what is too much grip more then what is not enough grip”.

Blue: strongest ever.

Yellow: For high to super high bite race.

Red : For all condition used.

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